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No, you wear weird clothes to go around and tell the neighbors that you’re a child rapist. I just try and make things FUN.



I am not kidding. Leave right now and google it.  Leave this site and never ever come back. Please. It’s not worth it and it makes me self-concious, and self-concious means that I see everything, and none of it is good. None of it.  So someone should make some money.

emo animal pictures

And whatever else you need, I can give it to you.  Okay?  Okay. Just don’t go away.

emo animal pictures

You’re what I wanted when I was in high school.  The life I thought I wanted, the life I thought I was supposed to have, the life I knew about by watching Saved by the Bell.  Now I’m not that, I can’t ever be that, not having that is what has turned me into this.  I guess I just thought that you could get me a little closer to being Zack Morris.

Hold me back, Slater.  Hold… me… back.