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But I need to go to the Piggly Wiggly…


emo animal pictures

I’m tired of dressing up for you. Tired of pretending like I’m strong enough to save the day when the day finally needs saving, because on that day, I’m guessing it’ll be just like any other day. I’ll need saving too. Who’s going to save me? Who’s going to save the cowboy? Who am I fooling. I’m a fucking dog.

emo animal pictures

They’re lying to you.  Whatever they’re telling you?  It’s all lies.  It’s not a real war.  It’s corporations.  It’s rich people getting richer and poor people getting dead.

And you’re not even actually in the war.  Do you even get that?  You’re just in a park and someone has fucking photoshopped the shit out of you.

You’re on the wrong side, squirrel.