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Category Archives: Sex


This is what I tell myself. That if it ever happens, if it’s ever more than just me in this room alone, then it will be huge, it will be, but that right now it’s just… invisible.



No, you wear weird clothes to go around and tell the neighbors that you’re a child rapist. I just try and make things FUN.


All the while, we do it doggystyle.


I figure I can get famous and make a buck and get a ride, all at the same time. Nice, right?


I am not kidding. Leave right now and google it.  Leave this site and never ever come back. Please. It’s not worth it and it makes me self-concious, and self-concious means that I see everything, and none of it is good. None of it.  So someone should make some money.


Lying with your body is as bad as lying with your mouth.

emo animal pictures

Warm, sticky milk.

emo animal pictures


Like your face looks any better.  Stop judging me.

emo animal pictures

I need the harder stuff.  I need squirrel-fisting.