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This one reminds me of that One Headlight song, if it wasn’t performed by someone who was only famous because their dad was famous.



Try as hard as you want to, you can’t make something soft and delicious last for ever. PLEASE KEEP TRYING.

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That’s what the afterlife is for, anyway, pretending.

Wait, I misspoke. The afterlife IS pretend. My bad.

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And in those last moments, in that hollow silence, that sharp slice sliver of dark before the eternal darkness? That’s when it’ll hit me, and I’ll panic, and I’ll feel more all at once than I’ve felt over all of this combined.

At this point, speed is a greater virtue than completeness, than quality.

Pile it on.

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I’m tired of dressing up for you. Tired of pretending like I’m strong enough to save the day when the day finally needs saving, because on that day, I’m guessing it’ll be just like any other day. I’ll need saving too. Who’s going to save me? Who’s going to save the cowboy? Who am I fooling. I’m a fucking dog.

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You’ve already done everything else, you act like there’s nothing else you can do, you won’t do anything you should do, so just do it.  Just do it, before I think better of it, before I think less of you, just fucking do it.

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Maybe I was just waiting.  Maybe it’s why I got into this whole thing to begin with.  It’s not that I thought that I could change you, I guess I thought that you could change me into something I didn’t hate.  Instead I just hate you now.